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Welcome to my blog – first post.

Hi my name is Mason Kelley. I am 13 and just started home education. I will use my Blog to post about what I did that day in my home education, notes about things I want to learn more about and also I will be making podcasts with my friends.

I was interested in starting home education because I think I will be able to learn more .  I also think that its cool that I can schedule my day the way I want to.  I have found that it is better to start the day with subjects I think are harder such as writing , philosophy , and reading .  I think it is easier to do the subjects that are harder in the morning because I can get them out of the way when I am less tired and more focused. In the afternoon, I do subjects that I find more interesting such as History, Latin , Math, and Science .   I liken how I do not have to sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher.  I like how I can listen to an interesting podcast on the subject that I want to learn more about. 

One of the topics I am interested in is  the period from the Civil War to  WW II.   I am interested in this era of history because there were many advances in technology and there  were many changes in the world.  I am also studying Latin. Latin is a interesting subject because I can read classic literature  written by the Romans.  Also, it will help me be able to translate the latin names of the fallacies. Philosophy  is a subject i have started to take interest in.  Philosophy will help me  learn the fallacies.  It will help me also come to a understanding of the Trivium.  I am also taking a study skill course by Ron Paul which is going to help me with my study skills and memorization . The study skill course is my least favorite.   However, I think it will be effective in helping me with memorization , organization , and taking notes.

This is a little of what I learned today using the Ron Paul curriculum – Academic Bootcamp Course

The assignment was to read the Overnight Student by Dr. Michael L. Jones and summarize chapter 7.  The Overnight student is a wonderful book that you should read. This book will help you study in a quick and easy way and still get good grades on a test. The first step to be able to study well is to take good notes.  The second step  is to take a bite size part of your notes and read it.  After you have read the bite size part of your notes you can turn your notes over and lecture a fake audience about the bite size portion you just read. Make sure when you are lecturing to your imaginary class, to lecture in your own words.  Do not just say the exact words from your notes.

Now you know how to study in a fast and easy way. I think this book will help me if I need to memorize a subject. I can use this method so it will be easier and I can be done studying in a short amount of time.