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Black Holes

Black holes are  enormous amounts of matter that are packed into a very small area. The result of this is a  gravitational pole, that is so strong that not even light can escape the black hole.  Black holes where not even coined until 1967 by John Wheeler.  However, black holes where predicted in Einsteins’ theory of general relativity. Scientists can’t directly observe black holes with any electromagnetic radiation. There is still a way to detect a black hole by their effect on the matter around them.  If you  are wondering how black holes are made it usually starts with a star dying or 2 stars that collide into each other. They are made by supernova explosions witch makes the star collapse under the force of gravity. Then the star reaches a point called the event horizon.  Once it has reached the event horizon it becomes a frozen collapsing object, therefore making a black hole.  That is what I have learned about black holes if you want to look up information  black holes I would use it is a helpful site.

The Assassin

I have been learning about WWI in my home education this week and last. One of the events that started World War I was the assassination of the Arch Duke of Austro-Hungary. The events surrounding the assassination of the Arch Duke are very interesting.The assassins were originally supposed to kill the Arch Duke on the day he went into to Sarajevo for a festival. The car the  Arch Duke was driving had his wife in it and the car had an open top. The first assassin came out and threw a hand grenade at the car. The Duke dodged the grenade and then it detonated hitting the second car. The original assassin ran to the river and took a poison pill and jumped in the river. The pill did not work and the assassin was taken for questioning.

The Arch Duke decided go and see the people who got hurt from the explosion. Authorities sent extra police to make sure no one harmed the  Arch Duke. The driver did not know where he is going and made a wrong turn. He has to reverse the car, which is a new ca,r for them and the reverse is slow. One of the assassins, Gavrilo Princip, happened to be right above him getting a sandwich when Garvilo realized the Arch Duke is right below him. Then the Gavrilo pulled out his gun, shot the Arch Duke and then shot his wife,killing both of them. Today that assassin is honored as a hero and there are iron footprints where Garvilo stood.


What I Did For The Week

The thing that I focused on the most this week was the Social Gospel Movement, which you would know if you have checked out my post.  Also, I started the 2nd book in the Sherlock Holmes series called, The Sign Of Four.  In science I started to learn about atoms.  Atoms are the smallest form of matter that we can see with an electron microscope. There are three parts to an atom: electrons, protons, and neutrons. I also am still listening to How to Read a Book, which I recommend because of the advice it gives.  For example, I like how the book describes the four levels of reading: elementary, inspectional, analytical, and synoptical.

One thing that I liked this week was being able to choose the subjects that I wanted to do and for how long on the last day of the month. I also like the website I am using for science which is Chem4Kids.  A thing that I did not like this week was that I had too little time for doing art.  Another thing I did not like was writing in the afternoon. I also did not like doing study skills in the morning. What I would like to change for next week is to have time to do more script writing and to do more art. Those are the things I did for the week and what I plan for next week.


One thing I learned about this week: The Social Gospel Movement

The Social Gospel movement happened during the progressive era between the 1890s and the 1910s.  The Social Gospel Movement took place in Canada and the United States and it tried to apply Christian ethics to social problems. The Social Gospelers thought that the second coming of Jesus would not happen unless humankind relieved itself from social evil.  They thought that human effort could fix those evils.

The leaders of the Social Gospel Movement were associated with the liberal wing of the Progressive movement. The Progressive movement was a group of rich people that tried to corrupt both public and private life through activities such as trust busting, the regulation of railroads, provisions for the people to vote on laws themselves through referendum, and the election of the Senate by the people rather than by state legislatures. We know the Social Gospel movement began in the 19th century, however we do not know when it officially ended. We don’t know why the Social Gospel Movement ended.  There are many theories suggesting why it ended. One theory cites the rise of neo-orthodoxy as a contributing factor in the movement’s decline.  Neo-orthodoxy was a movement in Protestant theology that was against the Social Gospel movement.  The  Social Gospel movement affected more  protestants in America than members of any other religion. The Social Gospel Movement held events to get people to join their movement because events drew lots of people.

The social Gospel Movement also had a big effect upon the American Federation of Labor. Under the influence of the social Gospel Movement, the AFL started a movement called Labor forward.  The Labor Forward movement was pro-Christian and “preached unionization like revival” in Philadelphia.

Those are only a few examples of what the Social Gospel Movement did. If you want to learn more, you can research it for yourself.  I learned about the Social Gospel Movement using the Liberty Classroom course on the progressive era.


A Study In Scarlet SPOILER ALERT

A Study In Scarlet is a novella written by Sir Conan Arthur Doyle. This novella is the first in the Sherlock Holmes series. I like this book because it is a murder mystery and I love how the suspense builds while  figuring out who the murderer is. The book is narrated in the first person by John Watson at the start of the book and then is narrated by Jefferson Hope for most of the second part of the book. The story takes place in London and in Utah in the year 1878. It starts with John Watson telling a little bit about himself and how he was a doctor in the 2nd Afghan war.

Then the story comes back to 1878, when he meets a friend in a bar. After he has talked to his friend for a while, Dr. Watson mentions that he needs to find a place to live. His friend says that Watson is the second person that has said that to him that day. Watson is curious and interested to meet this other man because he wants to share an apartment with him. His friend was astonished that Watson did not yet hear about the other man, Sherlock Holmes. While they are on their  way to meet Sherlock Holmes, Watsons’ friend warns the him that Mr. Holmes is a man of science and that he is very dedicated  to his work.

Once they arrive at the hospital where Sherlock is working on experiments, they go to the room where Sherlock is.  Sherlock springs to his feet and greets Watson. Sherlock mentions that he was in the war also, then continues with his work. After Sherlock is done with his work, Watson asks about the apartment. Sherlock says they should meet at 221b Baker Street. After they examine the place, they get their belongings and move in. Throughout the next few chapters you learn a little more about Sherlock. Like how he does his detective work and how he examines a crime scene and make a deduction.

One day, Sherlock gets a letter saying that there has been a murder and Scotland Yard  need his help. Sherlock asks Watson if he would like to accompany him on this case. Watson says yes and they are off to the scene of the crime. At the scene of the crime, you meet Tobias and his partner Lastare. The next few chapters describe how Sherlock finds evidence. He goes to the man who found the body in the house of the murder and asks him questrions of the murder. He thinks he has caught the murderer, but then there is another murder. Confused and angry, Sherlock and Watson  go back to the scene of the crime where they meet Tobias and his partner again. The following day Sherlock captures the real murderer by reading the name that had been in scripted on the ring that was found at the first murder . The next part of the book explains why Jefferson Hope ,the murderer,  killed the 2 men. I do not  want to give too much away of this part of the book, but I will tell you that Debber , the first murder victim, had murdered someone that Jefferson loved. The next chapter is concludes all the events in the book with Doctor Watson writing the whole story down in his journal.




Today in science I learned about mixtures and what they are. The basic definition of a mixture is something that you can mix together and it will form something. There are two basic types of mixtures: those you can separate after you’ve mixed them and those that you can’t.


An example of a mixture you can not separate into its original forms is concrete. Concrete is made up of limestone, cement, water ,sand and other ground up rocks. Concrete is a useful mixture because we would not have roads, buildings , and bridges if we did not have concrete. The reason you can make roads out of concrete is because it is a mixture – you can mix it on site and pour it into a form  and let it dry.


An example of a mixture you can separate is water and sand. You can separate water from sand by putting a filter under the cup . Then once you have done that gravity will pull the water down and leave the sand in the glass. That is what I learned in science today.


Goals For The Week

One of my goals for the week is to do 5 Ron Paul courses. Another one of my goals is to finish a Study in Scarlet  and start the next book in the Sherlock Holmes series a Sign of Four. The next goal is to listen to at least 5 chapters of How To Read a Book  and  I would like to make a blog post on those five chapters. For math I would like to get through 4 chapters of Life of Fred. I am also going to finish the last Trivium podcast and make a blog post. I also want to start unit 2 for my Latin course. For Science I would like to finish the Matter Unit and start the new Unit . For history I would like to listen to 5 Liberty Classroom Podcasts. Those will be my goals for the week.


My Lifetime Goals

There are many goals I want to achieve in my lifetime, such as building a studio, scripting a movie ,and producing a movie. I would like to build a studio one day so I could start producing  movies for a movie. I think the studio would start out small,but if I became successful in movie making I will expand the studios. My studio will probably be in my backyard. It will most likely be the size of a tree house or a little bit bigger.

My second life goal is to write a script for a movie so I can actually make a movie. The movie would be a sci fi or a mystery movie. I will most likely work on this script for a year so. I will write it, then revise and edit it. After I work on the script for a year I will start the process of auditioning actors to play different roles in the movie.  After that, I would choose the actors who I felt best fit each role. Once I have picked the actors, I will start to direct and produce the movie.  Once I am finished directing the movie I will either post it to youtube . I believe the Ron Paul curriculum will help me achieve these goals by teaching me how to be a better writer, how to effectively take notes, and how to make better use of my time.  Those skills will help me set and achieve short and then long term goals.


Informal Fallacies

Yesterday I spent some of my time learning about informal fallacies. If you do not know what a fallacy is, it an error in logic.  There are two types of fallacies: informal and formal.  A formal fallacy is based on disobeying the formal rules of logic.  An informal fallacy is a specific, usually easy to remember, name for a combination of formal fallacies.

A example of an informal fallacy is the “No true Scotsman” fallacy. This fallacy is the way of reinterpreting evidence in order to prevent refutation of ones position. An example of this fallacy is Brian throws his toys. No good kid throws their toys, therefore Brian is not a good kid. So that is a some of what I learned yesterday.

Fallacies are important so you can know when someone is trying to fool you.

Welcome to my blog – first post.

Hi my name is Mason Kelley. I am 13 and just started home education. I will use my Blog to post about what I did that day in my home education, notes about things I want to learn more about and also I will be making podcasts with my friends.

I was interested in starting home education because I think I will be able to learn more .  I also think that its cool that I can schedule my day the way I want to.  I have found that it is better to start the day with subjects I think are harder such as writing , philosophy , and reading .  I think it is easier to do the subjects that are harder in the morning because I can get them out of the way when I am less tired and more focused. In the afternoon, I do subjects that I find more interesting such as History, Latin , Math, and Science .   I liken how I do not have to sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher.  I like how I can listen to an interesting podcast on the subject that I want to learn more about. 

One of the topics I am interested in is  the period from the Civil War to  WW II.   I am interested in this era of history because there were many advances in technology and there  were many changes in the world.  I am also studying Latin. Latin is a interesting subject because I can read classic literature  written by the Romans.  Also, it will help me be able to translate the latin names of the fallacies. Philosophy  is a subject i have started to take interest in.  Philosophy will help me  learn the fallacies.  It will help me also come to a understanding of the Trivium.  I am also taking a study skill course by Ron Paul which is going to help me with my study skills and memorization . The study skill course is my least favorite.   However, I think it will be effective in helping me with memorization , organization , and taking notes.

This is a little of what I learned today using the Ron Paul curriculum – Academic Bootcamp Course

The assignment was to read the Overnight Student by Dr. Michael L. Jones and summarize chapter 7.  The Overnight student is a wonderful book that you should read. This book will help you study in a quick and easy way and still get good grades on a test. The first step to be able to study well is to take good notes.  The second step  is to take a bite size part of your notes and read it.  After you have read the bite size part of your notes you can turn your notes over and lecture a fake audience about the bite size portion you just read. Make sure when you are lecturing to your imaginary class, to lecture in your own words.  Do not just say the exact words from your notes.

Now you know how to study in a fast and easy way. I think this book will help me if I need to memorize a subject. I can use this method so it will be easier and I can be done studying in a short amount of time.