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Rosetta Mission

The Rosetta space mission was approved in November of 1993. The craft was built by engineers from all around the world. The scheduled year the spacecraft would take in 2003 but was postponed to 2004 due to a malfunction in the spacecraft. This was mission was a part of ESA’s  Horizon’s  Programme. The Mission took 10 years to orbit the comet. The mission was named rosetta after the rosetta stone because both are going to tell us more about the world and the universe. And finally on  November 12 2014 the spacecraft landed and engineers and scientists rejoiced. That is what I learned about the Rosetta spacecraft.



If you did not know flubber or gak depending on what you call it, is a polymer. Polymers are made of  lots of monomers that are linked together. Monomers are molecules that are able to bond to make long chains. Flubber actually is a polymer made from hydrocarbons joined together by weak intermolecular bonds.The elmers glue is the source of the hydrocarbons , the sodium borate links monomers together to make this polymer. Other than gak there are many other products that are polymers.  Some of these include formica, nylon, polyester, polystyrene, and saran. Polymer can be be defined as “many members” because poly means many and mer means members. The origin of  the word polymer comes from Greece. Another fun fact of is that flubber absorbs heat from your hands and then makes the flubber feel cold. This is called an endothermic reaction where it absorbs heat. That is my post on flubber I suggest you make it.


Tomorrow Plan

Tomorrow is the end of the month which is Halloween but it also means I get to plan my schedule for the whole day. To start the day I am going to read Fahrenheit 451 which I have been reading for 2 weeks and I like it so far. For the second hour I am going to being working on science. In science I am learning about polymers. For the third hour I will be working on art. In art I have being doing water colors. Then I am going to take a lunch break. Then for the fourth hour i will be working on a script for a project Then for the fifth I will be working on some more art. Then for the sixth hour I will be working on my tree house to. That will be my day tomorrow.

Things I Did For The Week

There some new things that I have learned this week. One of the things in my Life of Fred book that in the world of physics they have a different meaning for it. In physics it means you actually have to move. Like if a guy is just standing holding things he is doing no work however, if a guy is going down to pick up he is doing more work than the guy holding things. Also I have finished learning about WWI. One of the interesting written documents was the Zimmermann Telegram. This telegram was written by Arthur Zimmermann , the minister of Germany, And was going to be sent to the Minister of Mexico. In the telegram the German minister says that Mexico should ally with germany and reclaim land from Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Also I am almost finished with the last unit for latin for course 1. I have been learning so much in latin I love the way Rosetta Stone teaches latin. Also I have been learning how to make a good paper from an article I explain that in my writing post.

I would like to do more art next week to work on this project I am excited for. Also I would like to work on script writing. I might want to latin for an hour just to finish lesson 1. That is what I did for the week and things i want to do different.



The most venomous jellyfish alive is the sea wasp, which has a greater poisoning ability than any snake. When sea wasps search for shrimp they get close to the shore, which leads them to stinging people and leaving them with only seconds to live. The sea wasp, which is almost transparent, is only found in Australia not in America or Europe. The sea wasp has a deadly neurotoxin  that can kill more than 50 people, which makes it the most deadly creature alive.

I wrote a paper on sea wasps by using an article I had. First, to write this paragraph I underlined three key words from each sentence of the article.  After, I underlined the words I made a key word outline, using those words.  Once the key word outline was finished, I started to work on writing a rough draft.  After I had written the first paragraph I wrote another paragraph combining the sentences together, and making an even shorter paragraph using the word “which”.  That is how I wrote my paragraph on sea wasps.  The reason I had to write the paragraph is I am using the Student Writing Intensive course to improve my writing skills.


Podcast Plan

Soon I am going to start a podcast in my free time. I will be the host of the podcast. My friends will also be on the podcast as well. My friends and I will be discussing the following topics video games, movies, TV, books, and pop culture. In video games we will be talking about recent games that have been released . We will be also talking about consoles and  games for those consoles. In movies we will be talking about a movies story line and the charterers in the movie . Also we will talk about our opinion on a movie that has not came out yet and if we think if it should come out or not. For TV we will be talking about and individual episodes or the TV series in a whole. We will be also talking about new series that are about to come out and what we think of  the story. For Books we will talk about a book or a series of books. Also the characters and story line of the book. For pop culture  we will be talking about things that are popular in the world and trends that are going around. To record the podcast I will be using the Audio- Techinca AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone. For my microphone I will be a using a windscreen witch helps with the audio of the podcast.  I Will be also using a microphone boom stand because if I where to have a stand on my desk it would pick up tapping on the desk.  Another  piece of equipment I will be using headphones to listen to the podcast while we are recording.  The soft ware I will be using a Skype recording software so it will be easier to record. That is how I will be recording my podcast comment on what you think.