Fall 2017 Course Descriptions

Course: English and Language Arts Course Credit: 1.0

Grade Percentages: 20% Screenwriting assignments, 15% grammar worksheets, 15% Kahn Academy Assignments, 50% Great Gatsby assignments and book report.

Course Overview: This is a core course is focused on English language grammar, composition and literature.  The grammar component will use a sentence composing approach as a way of understanding and applying grammar patterns as well as reviewing various style manuals.  The composition component will involve writing assignments focused on practical applications (e.g. screenwriting) and academic applications (e.g. book reports for literature read in this subject as well as support of writing process for other subjects, specifically history).  The literature component will focus on classics of American Literature.

Textbooks / Resources:

  • Screenwriting Masterclass
  • HSM Composition assignment / process
  • Grammar for High School – A Sentence Composing Approach
  • Strunk and White
  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • Kahn Academy Grammar
  • Modern American Usage, Garner
  • Sense of Style, Pinker


  • Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller

 Course: Geometry (Mathematics) Course Credit: 1.0

Grade Percentages: 40% Life of Fred Assignments, 40% Kahn Academy Assignments, 20% Cumulative tests (timed)

Course Overview:  This is a core course focused on geometry and geometrical proofs.  The course includes instruction on angles, area, circles, construction, coordinate geometry, polygons, proofs, non-euclidean geometry, points and lines, quadrilaterals, solid geometry, symbolic logic and triangles.  A combination of textbook / written assignments (3 per week) and online courses (2 per week) are used as the method of instruction.  Cumulative tests are given every 4-6 weeks to measure comprehension and retention of key concepts.

Textbooks / Resources:

  • Life of Fred Geometry, Expanded Edition – Stanley F. Schmidt
  • Kahn Academy Geometry
  • Cumulative tests

Course: World History (Social Studies) Course Credit: 1.0

Grade Percentages: 40% Kahn Academy Assignments, 30% Paper #1 (TBD: Compare / Contrast Roman Empire with Modern America), 30% Paper #2 (Topic: TBD)

Course Overview: This is a core course focused on world history from the earliest recorded histories to the present day.  A combination of reading assignments, online work and research papers are used as the method of instruction with supplementation from audio material, specifically podcasts and recorded lectures.  The student will determine the pace, allowing for pauses when studying certain historical periods of interest for deeper dives with additional supplementation and research.

(Adjust grade % and course description if NKU course taken in spring semester that fits in this topic)

Textbooks / Resources:

  • History of the World Series, Susan Wise Bauer
  • Kahn academy World History
  • Dan Carlin Hardcore History Podcast
  • (NKU Course in the Spring)

Course: Biology (Science) Course Credit: 1.0

Grade Percentages: 10% Quizzes, 20% Kahn Academy Assignments, 30% Tests, 40% Lab Reports

Course Overview: This is a core course focused on biological science.  A wide range of topics are covered including: the chemistry of life, cellular structure and function, cell cycles, molecular genetics, evolution, ecology, plant and animal biology, mammal and animal behavior, the immune system, and reproduction and human development.  A combination of lab experiments and corresponding lab reports, textbook, and online instruction are used as the instruction method.  Period tests are administered to measure comprehension and retention of key concepts.

Textbooks / Resources:

  • Illustrated Guide to Homeschool Biology Experiments, Thompson & Thompson
  • CK-12 Biology Textbook
  • Kahn Academy Biology
  • Microscope and Experimental Kit

Course: Health / PE Course Credit: 1.0

Grade Percentages: 40% Kahn Academy assignments, 30% Personal Training, 30% Health and Nutrition assignments

Course Overview: This is a core course focused on the combined topics of Health and Physical Education.  The Health component is focused on nutrition and includes activities such a keeping a food journal, meal planning / shopping / preparation and the study of the modern issues as it relates to food and human health.  The Physical Education component will consist of weekly exercise sessions with a personal trainer to maximize strength, endurance and flexibility with a focus on injury prevention.  A combination of classroom instruction, online instruction and exercises are used as the instruction method.

Textbooks / Resources:

    • Kahn Academy Health and Medicine
    • Swing This Kettlebells Personal Training
    • (Update with nutrition book / videos used)

Course: Performing Arts Course Credit: 1.0

Grade Percentages: 30% Kahn academy assignments, 30% Preparation for and Completion of live performances, 20% Auditions, 20% TAR 104 results

Course Overview: This is a career interest based course focused on a wide variety of performing arts topics and activities.  Specific instruction will focus on musical theater performance, piano and voice performance, theater and arts, the audition process, musical composition, and improvisation.  Performance in the course is measured by the completion of assignments and the preparation for and delivery of live performances of musicals, voice, piano and improv.

Textbooks / Resources:

    • Kahn Academy – Intro to Music
    • NKU Mainstage – winter concert and spring musical
    • NKU Private Voice and Piano Lessons and winter recital
    • Look, I Made a Hat, Sondheim
    • Finishing the Hat, Sondheim
    • Local Auditions
    • TAR 104 – NKU Intro to Theater and Arts
    • (Improv)

Course: Personal Finance Course Credit: 1.0

Grade Percentages: 40% Assignments, 30% Stock Market Simulation results, 30% Budget Simulation results.

Course Overview: This is a career interest based course focused on personal finance.  The course will focus on the basics of money and money management and include material on savings, interest, loans, budgeting and investing.  Simulations will be used to develop a deeper understanding of certain topics, such as budgeting and investing.

Textbooks / Resources:

  • Building Your Future – Actuarial Foundation
  • Kahn Academy – Practical Financial Skills
    • http://www.practicalmoneyskills.com/teach/lesson_plans/grades_9_12
  • Stock market game ($15 for 10 weeks…team + competition?) or GoVenture Stock Market Simulator ($25)
  • HR Block Budget Challenge

Other Coursework / studies:

  • Potentially add a religion class after feedback from Jason
  • Selfauthoring.com
  • Podcast
  • KY State Drivers Test
  • ACT Prep

Perhaps in the spring or later in the year:

Course: German (World Language) Course Credit: 1.0

Grade Percentages:

Course Overview:

Textbooks / Resources: