If you did not know flubber or gak depending on what you call it, is a polymer. Polymers are made of  lots of monomers that are linked together. Monomers are molecules that are able to bond to make long chains. Flubber actually is a polymer made from hydrocarbons joined together by weak intermolecular bonds.The elmers glue is the source of the hydrocarbons , the sodium borate links monomers together to make this polymer. Other than gak there are many other products that are polymers.  Some of these include formica, nylon, polyester, polystyrene, and saran. Polymer can be be defined as “many members” because poly means many and mer means members. The origin of  the word polymer comes from Greece. Another fun fact of is that flubber absorbs heat from your hands and then makes the flubber feel cold. This is called an endothermic reaction where it absorbs heat. That is my post on flubber I suggest you make it.


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