Things I Did For The Week

There some new things that I have learned this week. One of the things in my Life of Fred book that in the world of physics they have a different meaning for it. In physics it means you actually have to move. Like if a guy is just standing holding things he is doing no work however, if a guy is going down to pick up he is doing more work than the guy holding things. Also I have finished learning about WWI. One of the interesting written documents was the Zimmermann Telegram. This telegram was written by Arthur Zimmermann , the minister of Germany, And was going to be sent to the Minister of Mexico. In the telegram the German minister says that Mexico should ally with germany and reclaim land from Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Also I am almost finished with the last unit for latin for course 1. I have been learning so much in latin I love the way Rosetta Stone teaches latin. Also I have been learning how to make a good paper from an article I explain that in my writing post.

I would like to do more art next week to work on this project I am excited for. Also I would like to work on script writing. I might want to latin for an hour just to finish lesson 1. That is what I did for the week and things i want to do different.


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