The most venomous jellyfish alive is the sea wasp, which has a greater poisoning ability than any snake. When sea wasps search for shrimp they get close to the shore, which leads them to stinging people and leaving them with only seconds to live. The sea wasp, which is almost transparent, is only found in Australia not in America or Europe. The sea wasp has a deadly neurotoxin  that can kill more than 50 people, which makes it the most deadly creature alive.

I wrote a paper on sea wasps by using an article I had. First, to write this paragraph I underlined three key words from each sentence of the article.  After, I underlined the words I made a key word outline, using those words.  Once the key word outline was finished, I started to work on writing a rough draft.  After I had written the first paragraph I wrote another paragraph combining the sentences together, and making an even shorter paragraph using the word “which”.  That is how I wrote my paragraph on sea wasps.  The reason I had to write the paragraph is I am using the Student Writing Intensive course to improve my writing skills.


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