Podcast Plan

Soon I am going to start a podcast in my free time. I will be the host of the podcast. My friends will also be on the podcast as well. My friends and I will be discussing the following topics video games, movies, TV, books, and pop culture. In video games we will be talking about recent games that have been released . We will be also talking about consoles and  games for those consoles. In movies we will be talking about a movies story line and the charterers in the movie . Also we will talk about our opinion on a movie that has not came out yet and if we think if it should come out or not. For TV we will be talking about and individual episodes or the TV series in a whole. We will be also talking about new series that are about to come out and what we think of  the story. For Books we will talk about a book or a series of books. Also the characters and story line of the book. For pop culture  we will be talking about things that are popular in the world and trends that are going around. To record the podcast I will be using the Audio- Techinca AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone. For my microphone I will be a using a windscreen witch helps with the audio of the podcast.  I Will be also using a microphone boom stand because if I where to have a stand on my desk it would pick up tapping on the desk.  Another  piece of equipment I will be using headphones to listen to the podcast while we are recording.  The soft ware I will be using a Skype recording software so it will be easier to record. That is how I will be recording my podcast comment on what you think.

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