The Assassin

I have been learning about WWI in my home education this week and last. One of the events that started World War I was the assassination of the Arch Duke of Austro-Hungary. The events surrounding the assassination of the Arch Duke are very interesting.The assassins were originally supposed to kill the Arch Duke on the day he went into to Sarajevo for a festival. The car the  Arch Duke was driving had his wife in it and the car had an open top. The first assassin came out and threw a hand grenade at the car. The Duke dodged the grenade and then it detonated hitting the second car. The original assassin ran to the river and took a poison pill and jumped in the river. The pill did not work and the assassin was taken for questioning.

The Arch Duke decided go and see the people who got hurt from the explosion. Authorities sent extra police to make sure no one harmed the  Arch Duke. The driver did not know where he is going and made a wrong turn. He has to reverse the car, which is a new ca,r for them and the reverse is slow. One of the assassins, Gavrilo Princip, happened to be right above him getting a sandwich when Garvilo realized the Arch Duke is right below him. Then the Gavrilo pulled out his gun, shot the Arch Duke and then shot his wife,killing both of them. Today that assassin is honored as a hero and there are iron footprints where Garvilo stood.


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