What I Did For The Week

The thing that I focused on the most this week was the Social Gospel Movement, which you would know if you have checked out my post.  Also, I started the 2nd book in the Sherlock Holmes series called, The Sign Of Four.  In science I started to learn about atoms.  Atoms are the smallest form of matter that we can see with an electron microscope. There are three parts to an atom: electrons, protons, and neutrons. I also am still listening to How to Read a Book, which I recommend because of the advice it gives.  For example, I like how the book describes the four levels of reading: elementary, inspectional, analytical, and synoptical.

One thing that I liked this week was being able to choose the subjects that I wanted to do and for how long on the last day of the month. I also like the website I am using for science which is Chem4Kids.  A thing that I did not like this week was that I had too little time for doing art.  Another thing I did not like was writing in the afternoon. I also did not like doing study skills in the morning. What I would like to change for next week is to have time to do more script writing and to do more art. Those are the things I did for the week and what I plan for next week.


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