A Study In Scarlet SPOILER ALERT

A Study In Scarlet is a novella written by Sir Conan Arthur Doyle. This novella is the first in the Sherlock Holmes series. I like this book because it is a murder mystery and I love how the suspense builds while  figuring out who the murderer is. The book is narrated in the first person by John Watson at the start of the book and then is narrated by Jefferson Hope for most of the second part of the book. The story takes place in London and in Utah in the year 1878. It starts with John Watson telling a little bit about himself and how he was a doctor in the 2nd Afghan war.

Then the story comes back to 1878, when he meets a friend in a bar. After he has talked to his friend for a while, Dr. Watson mentions that he needs to find a place to live. His friend says that Watson is the second person that has said that to him that day. Watson is curious and interested to meet this other man because he wants to share an apartment with him. His friend was astonished that Watson did not yet hear about the other man, Sherlock Holmes. While they are on their  way to meet Sherlock Holmes, Watsons’ friend warns the him that Mr. Holmes is a man of science and that he is very dedicated  to his work.

Once they arrive at the hospital where Sherlock is working on experiments, they go to the room where Sherlock is.  Sherlock springs to his feet and greets Watson. Sherlock mentions that he was in the war also, then continues with his work. After Sherlock is done with his work, Watson asks about the apartment. Sherlock says they should meet at 221b Baker Street. After they examine the place, they get their belongings and move in. Throughout the next few chapters you learn a little more about Sherlock. Like how he does his detective work and how he examines a crime scene and make a deduction.

One day, Sherlock gets a letter saying that there has been a murder and Scotland Yard  need his help. Sherlock asks Watson if he would like to accompany him on this case. Watson says yes and they are off to the scene of the crime. At the scene of the crime, you meet Tobias and his partner Lastare. The next few chapters describe how Sherlock finds evidence. He goes to the man who found the body in the house of the murder and asks him questrions of the murder. He thinks he has caught the murderer, but then there is another murder. Confused and angry, Sherlock and Watson  go back to the scene of the crime where they meet Tobias and his partner again. The following day Sherlock captures the real murderer by reading the name that had been in scripted on the ring that was found at the first murder . The next part of the book explains why Jefferson Hope ,the murderer,  killed the 2 men. I do not  want to give too much away of this part of the book, but I will tell you that Debber , the first murder victim, had murdered someone that Jefferson loved. The next chapter is concludes all the events in the book with Doctor Watson writing the whole story down in his journal.



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