Today in science I learned about mixtures and what they are. The basic definition of a mixture is something that you can mix together and it will form something. There are two basic types of mixtures: those you can separate after you’ve mixed them and those that you can’t.


An example of a mixture you can not separate into its original forms is concrete. Concrete is made up of limestone, cement, water ,sand and other ground up rocks. Concrete is a useful mixture because we would not have roads, buildings , and bridges if we did not have concrete. The reason you can make roads out of concrete is because it is a mixture – you can mix it on site and pour it into a form  and let it dry.


An example of a mixture you can separate is water and sand. You can separate water from sand by putting a filter under the cup . Then once you have done that gravity will pull the water down and leave the sand in the glass. That is what I learned in science today.


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