My Lifetime Goals

There are many goals I want to achieve in my lifetime, such as building a studio, scripting a movie ,and producing a movie. I would like to build a studio one day so I could start producing  movies for a movie. I think the studio would start out small,but if I became successful in movie making I will expand the studios. My studio will probably be in my backyard. It will most likely be the size of a tree house or a little bit bigger.

My second life goal is to write a script for a movie so I can actually make a movie. The movie would be a sci fi or a mystery movie. I will most likely work on this script for a year so. I will write it, then revise and edit it. After I work on the script for a year I will start the process of auditioning actors to play different roles in the movie.  After that, I would choose the actors who I felt best fit each role. Once I have picked the actors, I will start to direct and produce the movie.  Once I am finished directing the movie I will either post it to youtube . I believe the Ron Paul curriculum will help me achieve these goals by teaching me how to be a better writer, how to effectively take notes, and how to make better use of my time.  Those skills will help me set and achieve short and then long term goals.