A Muppet is a term that was created by Jim Henson. Many people the idea for this name was that it was the combination of marionette and puppet. The term was used since 1995. It was originally used in an advertisement for Afternoon With Inga. Now Jim Hensons first show with the muppets was called Sam and Friends. this was a five minute show that had only one of the Muppets we know today. And that Muppet is Kermit the frog. After the Sam and Friends was cancelled the muppets found themselves appearing in the Ed Sullivan Show. They would be used in many skits for the show. Now this time there were four muppets that lasted to make it to the Muppet Show. These muppets where Kermit the Frog, Ralph the Dog, Mahna Mahna, and the flamingos that accompanied Mahna Mahna. The muppets were also used in Saturday Night Live. Then they appeared in the Premiere of Sesame Street. They weren’t the original focus but through the years the show started to run the show instead of the human characters. Well on September 13, 1976 the Muppet show was first aired on CBS. This show had all the muppets we have come to know today. This show was like a kids version of Saturday Night Live, however originally supposed to be an adult show. This show ran for about Five years.  In the run of the Muppet show one movie came out featuring them called The Muppet Movie. That summer when the show went of the airs the second Muppet movie came named The Great Muppet Caper. 3 years later in 1984 the third movie came out titled The Muppets Take Manhattan. Also that year the Show Muppet Babies premiered on CBS. This show was animated and did not use puppets. This show was based on a scene in the Muppets Take Manhattan. During the shows run there were three other muppet shows that came out but did not last as long as Muppet Babies. After 6 years Muppet Babies was done airing on December 29, 1990. During the absence of the Muppets Disney had brought the Muppet name from Jim Hensons Creature Shop. Since Disney now has the legal rights to the Muppets the puppets on Sesame Street are not technically Muppets although they are commonly called Muppets. The first movie that Disney made with the Muppets was The Muppet Christmas Carol. This was an adaptation of The Book By Charles Dickens classic.  This movie is one of my favorite Muppet Movie because the way it was approached and the witty humor and the amazing musical score. I will not spoil much of this film but my favorite character is probably Gonzo playing Charles Dickens accompanied by Rizzo the Rat.  After the success of A Muppets Christmas Carol Disney Made another good adaptation of a classic book. This time it was Treasure Island,  named a Muppet Treasure Island. After Disney released these two film Jim Hensons Creature bought the name to the Muppets And made thought to be the worst Muppet movie. They made Muppets From Space. Now people originally thought that this was going to be a satire of old sci-fi movies. But the fans were completely wrong . This movie was about Gonzo feeling like he is alone among the Muppets. And now Gonzo wants to figure out who he is. This was confusing to Muppet fans because Gonzo never cared about who he was he was even proud of not knowing who he was. So when this turnaround happened fans were confused and angry. This was the lowest rated Muppet film ever. So after the Muppets from Space failed badly. Disney got the name of the Muppets again. Twelve years later of Muppets From Space the next Muppet movie named The Muppets. This was one of the most critically received movie Muppets. After the major success of The Muppets Disney came out with another movie in the 2014. This was another well received Muppet movie. However I have not seen this movie it was loved by many of Muppet fans. So the Muppets have hold up thru time, even though they had a twelve years absence, they still had a strong comeback. Even though when Jim Henson died the Muppets went on strong. So since the most recent success of the two most recent Muppet movies I don’t think this is the last time we won’t see them.

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