Hell House


Hell House

A Story By Mason Kelley



This story is dedicated to my dear friend Rebecca. This also dedicated to my parents. And the podcast Real Ghost Stories Online whose stories helped with the telling of this short story.

Hell House I must say is the most terrible and demonic place on the world. Reader you must understand that I went into this house with no recollection of what terrors that I would see. Let me give you the background of the house and its ominous past. This house is near Salem and the witch trials where going at this point. A evil judge lived in the house with a nice wife and a devil of a kid. The kid had been watching this woman who was practicing sorcery. She was a nice woman by the name of Gretchen. She was using sorcery for good not bad. The kid didn’t care he went to his dad and told him that he had found a witch. In a day Gretchen stood in front of the judge. The jury convicted her guilty. Before she was burned she cursed the family and that there souls will always be bound to their house. After that, she was burned. Once the judge and his family returned home the kid went up to his room the judge sat down and his wife went to work on dinner. she turned to her husband and shrieked. He asked her what was wrong she pointed at him and said that his skin is blue. He looked in the mirror and he was blue and he started to grow fangs and grew into a monster. He went to his wife and he started to grab her. He ripped her from limb to limb and the body was found the next day the son was gone as well but his body was never found. The judge was missing to. Some people believe he roams the woods around Hell House waiting for some fool to walk near and eat them. But now back to present day my name is Mason and I am 16 years old. I bet you’re wondering how I got to Hell House. Well I was walking to school one day and I heard something whisper in my ear “Hell House”. I thought it was one of my friends so I turned around and nothing was there. I had chills go down my spine. I turned back around and started to walk again. I got to school and I went to my locker and my friend Pete shows up he asks “ Hey how you doing buddy.” I said I was good and got my books for my first period. Mind you I was still a little shaken about the experience before and I showed that apparently. Pete asked “Are you ok?” I said I was fine and I started to walk to my first class. Now I don’t think you want to hear about my boring day at school so we are going to skip ahead to after school was done. I was heading to a restaurant to meet up with my friends. I was walking to the restaurant when I heard a whisper say again “Hell House”. I started to run because I didn’t want to know what said Hell House. Once I arrived at the restaurant I was out of breath. My friends rushed over to me and asked what happened. I couldn’t say anything so I walked over to the booth. My friends helped me get there. Once I sat down I retained my breath and looked around. I looked at my friend Pete. You could say that he is a sex addict. then there was my friend Fred he was a heavy eater and on the borderline of type 2 diabetes. then there was the richest one of the group Ross his motto was you don’t have to work to get money. then There was Diana she was very lazy. She would sometimes skip school just because she didn’t want to get out of bed. Then there was George he was so stern, and if you crossed him you would be one dead son of a bitch. Then there was Kathy she felt disconnected from the other people of the group. And there was Marissa she felt like she was the most important person of the group. back to what was happening. I said “I heard Hell House whispered in my ear. And it happened earlier this morning and I thought it was one of you guys  so I turned around and nothing was there. What even is Hell House.” Reader I would like to share at this point in the story I had never heard of Hell House nor even seen it. My friends looked at each other and started to laugh like I was crazy. I was angry that they were laughing at me so I got up and left and went to the library to see if this Hell House was real or I was hearing things. I reached the Library. I walked to the Librarian. He was old and he looked very happy. I asked “Sir do you have any record of a place called Hell House.” The Librarians face changed from happy to worried and angry. He asked “ Why on earth would you want to know about Hell House.”  “Oh no reason just some friend mentioned it.” I said. He replied with “You heard the whisper didn’t you.” I was filled with fright when he said that “ How do you know about that.” “ I have heard the whisper to it is Gretchen she wants you to go to the house.” I was confused on who Gretchen was so I asked and he told me the story that I told you at the beginning  of this book. I asked “ why would she want me to go to the house?”  “She wants you to destroy the house so her soul can go to Heaven and the Judge and his family go to Hell. But if you want to go I suggest you bring a group of friends with you so if anything goes wrong.” I nodded and left the library. I walked to my house went to my room and slept till the next day. When I woke it was 9 a.m. There was a knock at my door. It was my mother she walked to me and said “ Your friends are here to see you.” She looked tired and annoyed. After she left my friends walked in and looked at me with a caring look on their faces . pete looked at me and asked “ Are you ok buddy.” I looked pissed because of them yesterday.  I just covered my face with my blankets. Kathy walked to me and took of the covers. I turned around and said “ We have To go to Hell House.”  My friends look at each other. I thought they were going to laugh at me again but they nodded and the quote on quote queen looked at me and said “ We heard the Hell House whisper last night when we left the restaurant.” I looked at them with a surprised look on my face. I said “ we need to go to that place today we need to destroy the house.” My friends had a surprised look on their face. I told them the story about the house eich you have heard. They decided we should go to the house and destroy it. we planned to go to the house at 8 p.m . When it was 8 I went outside my house and waited for my friends to pull up in Fred’s dads van. Once they pulled up I walked over and got in the van. It took us about an hour to get to the driveway to the house we stopped the van we couldn’t drive the van and farther because there was a fence that said do not enter. We parked the van on the side on the road and we got out. Fred was the first one that got out he looked at us to signal to get out. We got out of the van causally. Once we were out of the van we walked to the gate. There was a lock on it. George got out a hammer out of the van. He started to whack the lock with the hammer. It dropped to the ground after a while. Now reader this is the point in the story where my friends and I make the most stupid choice in our lives. We opened the gate and started to walk down the driveway. We started t o see the house behind the trees. Now you would believe that the house would be rotting and decaying. However that is not what it looked like at all. It looked very new and modern not old. Fred said “ I feel like we are being watched .” Everyone else agreed on the feeling. We reached the steps and we looked at each other to make sure we wanted to go in. But before we decided we heard a roar and a thump we looked behind behind our shoulders and we saw a monster. It was the judge for sure from the description of what he turned into. We rushed inside the house. We locked the door and looked at each other. “ Is everyone here?” Everyone noded there head ok. “ We should do a head count just to be sure.”  Right when I said that I heard rapid knocking at the door. I  turned around and it was Fred we had left him outside. I tried to open the door it was jammed. We saw in the background the monster coming closer and closer. Fred took out pepper spray. He sprayed the eyes of the monster and started to run. Soon after the monster ran up to him which didn’t take him long. The monster grabbed Fred by his head. Now reader if you do not want a vulgar image in your head I suggest this is not the book for you. The monster ripped his head of his body we all were scared. We ran away from the door and walked into the kitchen we sat at each of the chairs. George was the first one to speak “ We better do this job quickly who has the matches.” we all looked at him with a surprised look on our faces. “ George you were the one who was suppose to bring the matches.” He looked at us and started to have an angry look on his face “WELL YOU GUYS CAN SHUT UP!!!” “Wow great come back you idiot.” said Diana. Now you would think Ross was going to blow up with rage but he just sat back in the chair he was sitting in. “ I suggest that we split up and look for something that would burn down this place.” Pete chose Diana probably hoping to get lucky with her.  Ross chose Kathy and George I have know idea why. So I was left with Marissa. Pete and Diana chose to look in the basement. Marissa and I chose to stay on the first floor. So Kathy, George, and Ross had to go upstairs. Pete and Diana started down stairs. Now reader I am going to tell you what I believed happened from what Diana told me from when she rushed to the 1st floor. When Pete and Diana got down stairs they looked around for a while and Pete had found a bed room. as you would expect he stripped down to his underwear and called Diana. Diana walked into the room and as she put it the bed closed on him and she heard a snap. Once the bed opened the body of Pete wasn’t there. We listened to her and tried to calm her down. Once we were done with that we said that she could stay with us we searched the kitchen first because one would think there would be matches in the kitchen but to no prevail there were no matches though. We checked on Ross and them. Ross came rushing out of a room saying “ I want it all. All of this all of the riches of the house.” We were scared that Ross had went insane. Ross started to run down the stairs. We looked from the side of the stairs and then the floor at the bottom of the stairs opened up and a thing like a tongue popped out. How I can describe it more it was like a snake. It slithered to Ross and it wrapped around his leg it pulled on his leg. He soon fell on the stairs. He clawed at the stairs hoping that the floor wouldn’t eat him. He crabbed the railway. Once he grabbed it the railway broke. He started to scream. I believe everyone watching was filled with fright. Ross the was consumed by the house. Then The floorboards closed up. We were all filled with fright. I looked at my friends and said “ We better find matches or something that could start a fire quickly.”  My little group of friends continued the search. Marissa, Diana, and I looked in the biggest bathroom f the house. We looked in every cabinet. Even though the was no matches there where candles. Now reader you would think that a house with candles surely would have matches or a lighter. However we did not prevail with finding anything. We looked in the grand bedroom because it was next to the bathroom. We looked in the drawers. Diana Suddenly screamed. We looked in her direction and saw a little boy with an ominous smile on his face. He started to laugh. He looked at all of us and said “ All of you will be dead, and no one will find you because my daddy will eat you all up.” He started to laugh again. And then he disappeared. “ I think we need to leave now I don’t care about any witch that needs to enter heaven we need to leave.” Diana said. “ don’t you understand that we can’t. That monster will eat us.” I said. We started to search again  quickly. There were none in the grand bedroom. We walked down the hallway, We heard the scream of Kathy. She rushed down the stairs. We looked at her with a surprised face. Kathy is not the one for screaming. She was out of breath. She looked up and started to talk “I was in the bedroom upstairs and was looking for matches. Then I heard a door slam. I ran outside the room and saw that the door to the bathroom was closed shut. Then I heard banging on the door. I then realised that George was in the room. I rushed over to the door and tried to open the door. The door was locked. I suddenly heard water start running. I started to pull harder on the door. I noticed the bagging stoped.I pulled on it once more, it opened. I fell back and looked in. George was no where to be seen. I walked inside the restroom and the floor was wet.” she looked at us for some type of reaction.  “ Well I believe that none of us die. We should look for the matches.” I said. Marissa started “ Why should we even keep looking we are going to die here.” I just looked at her and gave her an angry face and walked to the laundry room.  I searched the closet. The only things that were in there was laundry detergent and clothes. Marissa came in and apologized. I stood up to say “No problem.” But when I stood up the ghost child was behind her with a gun. Now reader How I can explain how a ghost could be holding a gun I don’t know. I could assume it is the same way they throw books across the room. Anyways he fired the gun and shot her she threw up blood and fell to the ground. Her body was lifeless. I looked up again excepting to see the boy there. However the boy was gone but the gun lay on the ground. I yelled for the other two. They rushed over to see Marissa’s dead body on the floor. Diana yelled at me “ You killed her didn’t you! You son of a bitch! I know she was terrible but you didn’t have to kill her!” I started “ I didn’t kill her the ghost boy did.” Her face turned white and she backed up into the hallway. Suddenly two skinny clawed hands came down from the ceiling and grabbed Diana. They Started to pull her up. She started to scream. A noose then came out of the ceiling. And The noose was now wrapped around her neck. The hands let go and and we looked away. Reader the only thing that I can tell you without going into gruesome details is all we heard was a snap. We Then looked to see the horror but the noose took her into the ceiling. We had one room left to look in. It was the smallest bathroom in the house. I started to look and Kathy stayed in the doorway that was near the entrance we entered the house. i found a lighter.A sense of joy filled me I turned to Kathy to show her she grew a smil. But right then the hand of the monster broke the glass to the door and grabbed Kathy by the arm. The monster pull her through the door and snapped her neck. I rushed in the hall and up the stairs the monster entered the house. HE smelled the air for my scent. It was not long before he raced to the stairs. He looked at me said in a deep voice “ I will eat you if you burn down this house.” For some reason I was not scared of death. So I turned on the lighter and threw it over the balcony. The monster rushed to me and jumped. I ducked and the monster Fell over the edge. I looked to see if he was dead and he was not. I rushed down the stairs and out the house. I saw there was a work shop. I rushe inside. There was an axe on the floor. I picked it up and rushed to the corner of the entrance. I waited for the monster. He Rushed to the workshop. I whacked him right in the heart with the axe. he knocked me over and I passed out. Now reader the next memory I Had I woke up and I was in a hospital. My parents stood up from their chairs and walked over to me and we talked about how I was feeling and why I was at hell house and where were my friends. New reader my friends where never found obviously. When I went home from the hospital I saw there was a origami crane placed on my window sill. I think this was Gretchen telling me that she was at peace. Now reader you will not find Hell House because it was burned to the ground by me. And if you go to the rebel of the house nothing will happen because All the souls either entered hell or heaven.


What I Want To be When I Grow Up

I want to be an actor when I grow up. the reason I want to be an actor is because I like to entertain other people. In specific I would love to be a cast member of Saturday Night Live . The first time I watched I wanted to be a part of it. I thought that the comedy was original. I watched the show on Netflix because it had all the seasons on it. If I were a part of  Saturday Night live  I would be able to make people laugh.

I am trying to take steps to get to this goal. I am going to be trying out for the School for Creative and Performing Arts. Also I am trying to get involved in a community theater. Also I have been looking into and studying forms of acting. Also I will be looking into the history of acting and theater.

The first step of trying to get in the School For Creative and Performing And Performing Arts is to resit a Monologue. Also I have to have good grades and test scores.

I have also been studying acting. My favorite form of acting is improv. The reason I love improv is that you can make anything happen. However I still like script acting.